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ARPLANK and BÄUMER Machines Make a Perfect Match

JSP have used Bäumer’s machines to test cutting and splitting of ARPLANK. Bäumer was selected to run the trials as they are innovative market leader in producing machines for foam cutting such as splitting and contour cutting.

ARPLANK is a highly resilient closed-cell material in plank form, made from non-cross-linked expanded polyethylene (EPE) bead foam, it is 100% recyclable and when manufactured in Europe is made from 25% recycled content making it a perfect sustainable material for any kind of industry. It is used for applications such as packaging and cushioning, expandable and returnable dunnage, thermal management and flotation. ARPLANK is supplied in plank size 1800 x 1200 x 150 in densities 20kg/m3, 30 kg/m3 and 45 kg/m3.

Bäumer tested the three ARPLANK densities; initially, sheets thicknesses of 1-75 mm were successfully cut on the Split-HE 500 splitting machine while retaining the positive physical properties, such as the novel geometry of the cell structure of ARPLANK.

Tests were also carried out on the OFS-VS Vertical Contour Cutting Machine which resulted in tightly nested contours and brilliant clean edges.

Jiri Slezak, ARPLANK Sales Manager said “I am very pleased with the trails we carried out with Bäumer, they have confirmed that ARPLANK can be split to any desired thickness and is ready for further fabrication such as contour shape cutting, die cutting, water and laser cutting and of course CNC milling. All operations keep the isotropic and high energy absorbing properties of ARPLANK, making it a superb sustainable packaging material. I am looking forward to seeing more applications made from ARPLANK in the future.”

You can find more information about the ARPLANK here

You can watch the tests on YouTube


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