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Block of ARPLANK, sustainable packaging material made from expanded polyethylene (EPE)

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Density Options:

20/ 30/ 45 Kg/m3

Block Size:

1800 x 1200 x 150 mm

ARPLANK is a highly resilient closed cell bead foam product made out of expanded polyethylene (EPE). During the fusion process, the polyethylene’s outer shells are thermally bonded creating a three dimensional sphere or bead that absorbs and dissipates energy. The beads are then moulded into isotropic blocks creating a highly qualitative and protective packaging option.

Made out of 25% recycled material to form an end product that is 100% recyclable.


In Europe, made out of 25% recycled material to form an end product that is 100% recyclable.

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ARPLANK is chemically inert; no chemicals used during production and no VOC. It is resistant to water and oils.

Chemically inert green icon - a circle with a scientific bottle in the middle and line going through it

Density optimization making ARPLANK 30-40% smaller, lighter and a safer packaging option. 

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Multi-directional compression, unaffected by the direction of impact.

Green icon of a spring to show high engery absorption

Isotropic Blocks meaning that there is the same impact performance from all 3 axes.

Isotropic blocks icon green - heagon with 3 arrows inside

High temperature range from -60 to 100°C.

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ARPLANK Blocks have an outstanding compression strength and return to nearly 100% of their original shape.

Icon of hand holding a weight bending under pressure
Compression Strength

Due to the lower density, ARPLANK Blocks are also highly resistant to heavy loads over long periods of time. 

Hour glass icon showing APLANK is resistant to heavy loads over long periods of time
Compression Creep

ARPLANK is a highly resilient packaging option that resists repetitive impacts with only minimal performance decline. 

Black icon with 4 lines bending with arrow pointing at them showing impact absorption
High Shock Absorption

Due to its density properties, ARPLANK can protect heavier fragile goods/items using less packaging material.

Pillow icon showing cushioning properties of ARPLANK
Dynamic Cushioning

ARPLANK is ideally suited as an energy absorbing cushioning material for products requiring shock absorption, vibration dampening, insulation and chemical resistance. It withstands multiple impacts without damage, is very lightweight and is non-abrasive for Class A surfaces. It is also multidirectional in nature. Unlike traditional foams, which yield different properties along the extrusion, vertical and horizontal axes, the properties of ARPLANK are the same regardless of orientation, thus, making it an ideal and versatile product for protective packaging applications.

Further Technical Data can be obtain upon request.



Black icon with small balls showing density
Black icon with 4 arrows all pointing into face each other
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Less packaging material needed
Optimal density properties
is 100% recyclable 
Transport larger quantities
Recollect ARPLANK after transport
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Less CO2 

ARPLANK is one of the few EPE products (made from expanded ARPAK, using 25% recycled content) which is produced without VOC blowing agents. All ARPLANK products are free of CFCs, HCFCs and other ozone depleting compounds. ARPLANK is free of any restricted heavy metals, such as lead (Pb) or lead compounds, mercury (Hg) or mercury compounds and chromium VI (Cr-VI) or chromium compounds and do not contain halogen compounds or brominated (Br) compounds. Moreover, all ARPLANK products are fully reusable and recyclable. Based on the European Commission decision  97/129/EC ARPLANK is designated as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as recycling category 4. 

UN SDG #12 Responsible consumption and production
UN SDG #13 Climate Action
UN SDG #6 image - clean water and sanitation


Do more with less material. 
Product Modularity 

150 mm Blocks

3 lines, a thick one, medium one and thin one
Enhanced Thickness
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A pot of glue
Less Gluing & Lamination Steps

Due to larger block, less manpower operations is required.

ARPLANK are some of the largest EPE blocks on the market.

Square share icon with curve
Minimal Concavity

Compared to similar materials, ARPLANK only has minimal concavity.

ARPLANK returns to nearly 100% of its original shape even after repeated impacts. 

4 black lines with an arrow pointing bending them in the middle
Highly Resilient
Cutting Methods 
  • Die cutting

  • Water jet 

  • Laser 

  • Milling 

  • Hot wire cutting

  • Skiving 

  • Sawing

  • Band sawing

Different industries
Packaging made from ARPLANK  for cushioning
Food & beverage industry packaging


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