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Simbodies Achieves 35% Weight Saving Using ARPLANK for New Packaging

The partnership that JSP International ( and Polyformes (; formed earlier this year continues to grow. Polyformes has recently developed a packaging solution for Simbodies Limited, a global leader in medical simulation equipment, using ARPLANK.

ARPLANK was selected for this application due to its stability and absorption behaviour, giving good protection to the product when it is held in its bespoke manufactured bag. The protective qualities of the foam, captured by the products bag, has enabled a massive 35% reduction in the packaging weight with an increase in performance. Ideal for shipping the product abroad contributing to cost efficiency, space optimisation and reduced transport emissions.

Adrian Green, Polyformes Head of Marketing and Sales commented, “We are pleased to work with ARPLANK, it can be used on all our existing machinery and has not required any additional investment. Our customers have been impressed with the better protection it offers and that we have been able to reduce waste by 5 – 10%.”

Jiri Slezak, ARPLANK Sales Manager commented “We are delighted to support Polyformes to provide customers with a recycled foam material. ARPLANK has 20% less concavity when compared to other materials which allows much higher precision and less scrap.”

ARPLANK is JSP’s sustainable packaging material, it is a non-crosslinked foam made from expanded polyethylene (EPE). It is isotropic; absorbing kinetic energy from all directions, returning to its original shape and is 100% recyclable.

Polyformes is the only distributor of ARPLANK ( in the UK, they offer material that has been developed for recycling, but providing the same level of protection in a sustainable way.

Both JSP and Polyformes are working hard to achieve sustainability targets to make the packaging industry more sustainable.

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